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What is Driveway Replacement?

Driveway replacement is the process of removing an existing concrete, asphalt, or paved driveway in order to install a new one. The average driveway can last anywhere between 15-25 years. Depending on how the driveway foundation was installed, however, the driveway may need to be replaced sooner.

Driveway Replacement Orlando

Cracks and crumbling are often present when driveways are not installed properly. This could indicate improper subgrade development, subpar concrete mixture formulation, or inaccurate driveway placement. Driveway installation experts have the tools and skills to adequately remove and replace damaged existing driveways giving homeowners a structurally solid driveway with massive curb appeal.

How does Driveway Replacement Work?

The first step in the concrete driveway repair and replacement process is to assess why the existing driveway is in need of removal. Experts analyze the property, the concrete pad foundation, and driveway placement to find out what caused the damage of the existing concrete slab.

Once the cause is determined, the process will begin with the demolition of the existing slab using heavy equipment. The pieces are then removed from the property to make way for the new concrete driveway.

Next, the contractor works with the homeowner to devise a plan to avoid future issues with the new concrete driveway. The placement is mapped and designed to the specifications of the client and construction begins. The driveway installers create a uniform and compact subgrade thick enough to support the concrete slab.

The joints are then reinforced with steel bars that allow the slab to hold thousands of pounds of metal without breaking. The concrete driveway mixture is poured, leveled, and later brushed to the texture preference of the homeowner. Finally, the concrete driveway is cured and sealed for maximum longevity.


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