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What is Cement Driveway Repair?

Cement driveway repair is the process of patching, resurfacing, or replacing cracks and deterioration in cement driveways. Most cement driveways will last the lifespan of the home, but certain conditions can result in cracks, divots, discoloration, settlement, and scaling. These defects are the result of an improperly laid foundation, exposure to severe weather conditions, or poor cement mixing.

Cement Driveway Repair Orlando

Major cement deterioration may indicate foundation issues that will require extensive repair or complete driveway replacement. Bad placement or improper foundation structure can lead to more cracks and repairs in the future. Orlando Driveway recommends having the entire driveway replaced and installed properly to avoid multiple driveway repairs. This can reduce cost over time and extend the life of the driveway.

Minor cement cracking will typically occur from use over a period of time. Minor cracking repairs require special liquid crack fillers to minimize further destruction and to maintain the clean look of the finished cement.

How does Cement Driveway Repair Work?

The first step in cement driveway repair is to find the cause of the damage to decide the proper repair technique. The repair procedure choice depends on the condition of the usable cement and the homeowner’s budget. Complete driveway replacement is often the most effective cement driveway repair as it fixes structural issues that can cause damage over time saving homeowners time and money.

After evaluating the options, the cement driveway repair experts begin work using proven techniques to fix the cement driveway.

Some techniques include:

  • Cement driveway replacement is the process of driveway installation and driveway replacement.
  • Cement resurfacing is a cement overlay used to cover existing flaws with a wide variety of color options and patterns.
  • Cement engraving is a technique of staining and engraving faux grout lines in cement to disguise minor surface damage.
  • Slab jacking is the process of pumping sand, cement, or other additives under sinking spots in the cement slab.
  • Recoloring is a way to cover up discoloration with long-lasting, wear-resistant cement stains and hardeners.


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